3 Tips For Getting Kids Outside In Winter

With much of the country experiencing snow today, it's definitely still winter!


A study conducted by the Seattle Children’s Research Institute last year found that almost half of American preschoolers are not getting enough parentally supervised outdoor playtime.


Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tiffanyleabemiss/8438344541/sizes/m/

Do you have a hard time persuading your little ones to step outside when it's cold? Try these ideas:


1.    Be Prepared. Your children will enjoy the outdoors much more it they are dressed appropriately. Invest in warm boots, jackets, and gloves to make sure your youngsters stay warm and dry.


2.    Turn A Walk Into A Safari. Once you are all bundled up, just take a walk around your neighborhood with your kid. Head to a park, or a path, or just take the sidewalk by your home. Even in the winter, you'll see birds, bugs, shrubs, and trees. Take a magnifying glass so you can stop and examine them.


3.    Make A Date With Friends And Family. Put nature on the calendar and arrange a regular "Outdoor Date" with another family or two. Kids and adults may have more fun if they share outdoor experiences with others, so try a walk or hike with buddies, or head to a snow/ski area with others.


Let me kmow how it goes!


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