Iceberg Tsunami In Greenland! (Video)

Photo Credit: screenshot from Youtube video

Mother Nature in Action!

Jens Møller was visiting his uncle in Ilulissat, Greenland, when a tourist from Australia asked if she could get a ride to the glacier just north of the town. Since Møller speaks fluent English, his uncle asked him to come along to act as translator. 

The party set out in his uncle's 18-foot boat and began inspecting the glaciers at a place named Eqi, when they heard some cracking. Thinking that a small section of the glacier was about to fall into the water, Møller started filming with his video camera.

And that's when the "tsunami" began. The falling glacial ice was huge, and created a huge wave as it slid into the ocean.

Amazingly everyone survived intact, but here's more proof that however splendid nature may be, we can never rest safely in Mother Nature's arms. Nature does not protect us; it has no feeling.

Watch this dramatic video, narrated by Moller, and you'll see what I mean!


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