10 Ways To Stay Active With Your Child

Photo Credit: iStock

Active parents lead to active children, we all know that. But maybe you don't have a whole lot of time to devote to exercising with your kids every day.

Check out these activities, which could take just 15 minutes of your time and use up lots of calories!

*  Dancing = 135 calories/30 minutes

*  Flag Football = 239 calories/30 minutes

*  Frisbee = 90 calories/30 minutes

*  Hopscotch = 75 calories/15 minutes

*  Hula Hooping = 100 calories/10 minutes

*  Jumping Jacks = 120 calories/15 minutes

* Jumping Rope = 150 calories/15 minutes

*  Playing Catch = 75 calories/30 minutes

*  Riding Bikes = 239 calories/30 minutes

* Roller Skating = 209 calories/30 minutes

And don't forget to have FUN!!


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