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Diseases Of Indoor Living


Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, vitamin D deficiency, osteoporosis, stress, depression, attention deficit disorder and myopia. These are just a few of the diseases that Dr. Daphne Miller, a family physician affiliated with the University of California at San Francisco calls Diseases of Indoor Living.

Moving Outdoors In Nature - New Bill Just Introduced!

Great news! Last Thursday, November 18, Congressman Ron Kind (D-WI) introduced his Moving Outdoors In Nature Act to the House of Representatives. The bill would support federal, state, and local strategies that connect children with nature. Excellent!

PLAY AGAIN - Award-Winning Film About Getting Kids Out!

I went to see a wonderful film last night: PLAY AGAIN. It documents the journey of unplugging a group of media-addicted kids, and taking them on their first wilderness adventure. For most of them, it's the first time ever spent on a camping trip, or indeed spending any length of time outdoors.

First-Ever Natural Teachers Award!

Larry Volpe has won the Children & Nature Network's first Natural Teacher award in the San Francisco Bay Area. Volpe is a fifth-grade teacher at Daniel Lairon Elementary School in Santa Clara County. And he wins a very cool prize: an educational voyage to the Galapagos Islands with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic.

Spectacular View Of Insect Life 50 Million Years Ago

Researchers in northwest India have discovered an amazing collection of amber deposits full of insects, from 50 million years ago. (Amber is the geological name for fossilized tree resin, which often preserves the insects that get stuck in it.)

UK Government Plans To Sell Off English Woodlands


The UK government is planning to sell off as much as 150,000 hectares of forest and woodland in England. This would be the biggest sale of public land for almost 60 years.

Is that their best idea for raising money to fix the British economy?

Computer Gamers Take On Global Warming

Fate of the World is the name of the latest computer game, in which players save the world from catastrophic climate change.

Parents Have Forgotten How To Play With Their Kids

A recent study revealed the disturbing and sad facts that one in five parents say they have forgotten how to play with their children, while a third state that taking part in games and activities with their family is boring.

More Rampage In The City


Following up from my last blog post, I was excited to read about another program in the UK for getting city kids OUT!

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