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The Outdoor Child As Indicator Of A Healthy Environment

Children Playing Outdoors Indicates A Healthy Environment, according to a new report by Tim Gill


"The outdoor child should be an 'indicator species' for London," declares a wonderful new report written for the London Sustainable Development Commission by Tim Gill.

Bi-Partisan No Child Left Inside Re-Introduced - VIDEO


Learning Outdoors Is Fun!

Excellent news! Congressman John Sarbanes (D - Maryland) re-introduced the No Child Left Inside Act into the House earlier this month, while Senators Jack Reed (D - Rhode Island) and Mark Kirk (R - Illinois) brought the bill back to the Senate.

Pope To Parents And Kids: Get Out!

Pope Benedict XVI tells parents to take their kids outside to marvel at nature!

Pope Benedict XVI and I are preaching the same message! Who knew I could have something in common with the head of the Roman Catholic Church?

Five Reasons To Garden With Children

Photo Credit: tm-tm via Creative Commons

You Must Be Green To Graduate In Maryland!

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Exciting New Program For High Schoolers!

Photo Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Midwest Region via Creative Commons

Michelle Obama Celebrates The 2000th Playground For KaBOOM!


Photo Credit: DC DPR via Creative Commons


The Great Outdoors Are Much Safer Than You Probably Imagine

Photo Credit: Appalachian Encounters via Creative Commons


If you watched Shark Week or When Animals Attack all the time, you would probably never venture into the great outdoors.
However, the most dangerous part of your trip into nature is driving to the trailhead in your car.

Geocaching - It's All The Rage!

Photo Credit: geocaching.smartdog.dk


Guess What? Getting Outside Is Good For Your Health!

Photo Credit: iStock

Here's another report affirming what some of us already know: the key to better health may be as simple as stepping outside, according to a University of Illinois researcher

From Discovery News:

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