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Mariachi Band Serenades Beluga Whale - VIDEO

Photo Credit: iStock

Watch The Beluga Whale Swaying To The Rhythm!

Check out this Mariachi band in Connecticut serenading a beluga whale at Mystic Aquarium, where they were performing during a wedding.

Their best audience yet!

Michelle Obama And 400 Jumping Jacks! - VIDEO

World Record Jumper! The First Lady!


There's no stopping Michelle Obama and her Let's Move campaign.

Nature Is Our Classroom! (At Least In Canada)

Teaching Outdoors Is Fun!

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Here's a very cool story about children in nature!

Strengthen Your Brain While Working On Your Abs!

Photo Credit: moonjazz

Just 30 Minutes Jogging Every Day Will Strenghen Your Brain


Green Time Leads To Sleep Time! - VIDEO

Getting out helps kids sleep better

Photo: iStock

The National Wildlife Federation has just released a report on the topic of  sleep - most kids aren't getting enough of it.
And the report suggests, surprise, surprise, that parents should build some outdoor time into their child's schedule to ensure a better night's sleep.

Kids Need Time To Play At School

If Only He Could Get Outside And Run Around!

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It’s getting harder for children to get any exercise at school. Forty percent of schools across the country have either cut down on recess time or gotten rid of it altogether. Hours devoted to physical education are also down compared to previous generations, and often P.E. amounts to nothing more than kids being told to run around the schoolyard.

Is Your City Playful? Check It Out!


Score! Playing Soccer In The City Park!

Photo Credit: iStock


KaBOOM! has recognized 151 Playful City USA communities in 2011.

Each of the communities demonstrated creative commitments to addressing the Play Deficit.

Wild Child Events In Wales - Let The Children Play!

Wild Children Discovering The Outdoors!

Photo Credit: iStock

Exciting news from Wales!

Everyone agrees that children aren't getting outside enough, and this is resulting in a range of problems for our youth. And now Wales is the latest country to recognize that children just don't always know to play outside.

The Idea Of Wilderness Needs No Defense, It Just Needs More Defenders - VIDEO

Photo Credit: IStock

America's Wilderness - Watch this gorgeous video produced by the U.S. National Park Service on the landscapes and ideas the 1964 Wilderness Act protects.

Wildernress - where man himself is a visitor who does not remain.

World's Biggest Cicada - VIDEO


You probably won't find one of these when you GET OUT, but in case you were wondering what the world's biggest cicada looks like, here she is!

This is a Malaysian Empress Cicada, which can have a wingspan of eight inches. Enjoy this cool video of the largest cicada on earth:

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