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5 Synchronized Kittens (Video)

Photo Credit: screenshot from Youtube video

This has nothing to do with getting out, but check out this adorable video of five kittens moving in synchronicity!



May 19 - National Kids To Parks Day!

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Great news about getting kids re-connected to nature!

On May 17, the U.S. Senate joined the Governors of Colorado, Maryland, Missouri, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington and 246 Mayors in 45 States and Washington D.C. in declaring today, May 19, National Kids to Parks Day.

Nature Grows At An Urban Los Angeles School

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Getting Close To Nature At School!

What a powerful story!

At Leo Politi Elementary School in Los Angeles, California, they decided to rip out 5,000 square feet of concrete and planted native flora. The plants attracted insects, which attracted birds, which attracted students.

Amazing Rescue Of Blind Dog Living In Trash Dump (Video)

Photo Credit: screenshot from Youtube video

This story of Fiona, the blind dog living in a trash pile in Los Angeles, who gets an amazing rescue, has become wildly popular.

Watch this video, and you'll see why. It's a really touching portrayal, accompanied by April Lavigne's "I'm With You," and a great story.
By the end Fiona can see again, for the first time in a long time.



Get Out For The Easter Egg Hunt!

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Happy, Happy, Dancing Cows!

Photo Credit: Screenshot from youtube video

Just like the rest of us, cows need to GET OUT!!

Check out this great video of cows dancing in delight as they emerge from their indoor winter housing on a farm in the UK onto fresh green pastures:

Amazing Images Of An Eagle Owl! (Video)


Check out this cool video of an Eagle Owl swooping on its prey!

The Eagle Owl is a very large and powerful bird, smaller than the Golden Eagle but larger than the Snowy Owl. Its body is about two feet in length, but it has a wingspan of over five feet, as you can see. You're unlikely to see one in the U.S., however, since they are native to Europe and Russia, where they live on mountain cliffs, ravines and rocky forested terrain.


$1 Million From The Government To Get Kids Out Into Nature!

Photo Credit: Ontario_Nature

Guardian Of Nature At Work!


School Vending Machines - Regulated By The Feds?

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How much junk food does your child eat every day?

Exercise and diet figure are the two main components in the quest for good health.

Getting out is important, but so is eating nutritious food.

How Common Are Stepchildren Amongst Songbirds?

Photo Credit: jaguardelplatanar

Crazy Bird Love!!

OK, so February 14 is Valentine's Day, when humans are swear their love for their one and only.

But what about birds? Are our feathered friends so caught up in this frenzy? In fact, so they even stay faithful to their mates? What's their rate of divorce?

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